My All Time Low Experience
9 December 2013 @ 8:51 PM
Anonymous asked: "Hi I'm Blaze (: yes thats my real name! and I've heard many times that All Time Low was really snobby when people met them, I just wanted to know if this was true:p Thanks!! :D"

They’re definitely not! They are four of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met. I’m sure they have had one or two off days, but they would never be snobby.

10 months ago
16 April 2013 @ 9:07 PM
Anonymous asked: "This isn't a question but I wish I could share my experience. But no one would believe me."

Go ahead and share it! I’ll believe you. It has to be the most incredible experience ever if you think no one will believe you. You know what happened and that’s all that matters :) 

1 year ago
26 February 2013 @ 8:16 PM

So I have to do a research paper for my class on inspiring individuals so I chose Alex Gaskarth. I thought I would use this blog to help with it. One part of my paper is supposed to say how he has inspired others. That’s where I need your help! If Alex has inspired you or changed your life in any way feel free to message it to me so I can use it as a quote in my paper. i will credit you appropriately and if you want I can post i to this blog to just let me know! It would be great to get a few or a lot to put in my paper and show how amazing he really is. 

1 year ago
29 December 2012 @ 3:52 PM

ahhhkay so at warped i wanted to crowd surf during dear maria which is the last song they play obviously so i asked someone to help me up like halfway through the song but i didn’t get very far and people were getting kind of annoyed (oops) and the song was really almost over and i basically begged the kid next to me to help me up and he finally did. so anyway i got over the barricade after the song was over and alex and jack we’re like “thanks for coming we love you blah blah” so i was walking back and i realized that alex was standing right at the edge of the stage and i ran over and put my hand up for a high five and he bent all the down and high fived me.  that was so insane and i started walking away not even paying attention to where i was going because it was all so surreal and suddenly JACK is walking right toward me.  he went off the stage to go by the crowd and he was walking back so without even thinking i like grabbed him in this big bear hug and he hugged me back and patted my back ahhhigvbjkv

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1 year ago
29 December 2012 @ 3:50 PM
Anonymous asked: "This isn't a story but I'm going to see ATL in concert this coming february and I'm so excited to post an ATL experience! Ahhh, literally hyperventilating that I can stand right next to the stage(':"

So excited for you! Can’t wait to hear your story!! 

1 year ago
8 November 2012 @ 7:34 PM

Check out this extra long story about All Time Low in Singapore. It’s definitely one of the best ones I’ve read! It’s too long to post here so here’s a link.

Enjoy! :) 

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1 year ago
5 November 2012 @ 6:26 PM

Anyone going to the New York City show on November 18th!? I’ll be there. I will probably submit my own experience from then since I haven’t done one for Warped tour and the cd signing.

You guys should definitely submit your stories about the shows you’ve been to on this tour and/or cd signings from last month!!! I’ll definitely be telling Alex to check out this page at the signing so maybe he’ll read yours!

1 year ago
7 September 2012 @ 5:30 PM

This one was submitted back in August of 2011! The person seems to have changed their URL so i can’t credit them so if it’s you let me know!

October 27, 2010  Minnesota

When I went to the MSP tour, I was lucky enough to have Listening Party tickets so I got to listen to songs from Dirty Work and meet the boys. I got hugs and pictures with all of them. The best part of the whole experience, though, was when Rian Dawson complimented me on my manicure and said, “I wish I was a girl so I could have a French manicure and people wouldn’t judge me.” Haha. Too cute!

2 years ago
7 September 2012 @ 1:57 PM
Anonymous asked: "who won the giveaway?"

i actually had forgotten that i set the last day to be Sept. 1st cause i got really busy with school stuff so i’m extending it until October 28th!

2 years ago
20 August 2012 @ 7:16 PM

          Ok so for the longest time in my life I was just unhappy and felt like I didn’t relate to anyone and that no one got how I was feeling. That’s when I was self harming and just felt like I couldn’t stop. Then one day I hear “lullabies” by all time low and just started crying non stop. I listen to that song on repeat for a good two weeks. It made me feel like if I was gone people would care ya know. So I went and got like everyone of their songs and started listening to them and learned all there names and fell in love with all of them and I stopped self harming and just let my self drown in their music. now when I feel like cutting I go learn a song of theirs on guitar or just blar their music and it makes me feel so much better. I’m going to try and met them and tell them my story one day.

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2 years ago
17 August 2012 @ 8:36 PM
deepco-ver asked: "I know I'm supposed to share stories about how I've met them but no I've only dreamed of it. The song that really changed me was Weightless, just because it tells you that life may suck right now but the year has endless possibilities, and you're not getting any younger so you should take risks and live a little. I love them so much and that tank top is super cute. I've reblogged that photo 32 times and I hope that you consider me. <3"

Don’t give up hope you’ll definitely meet them one day! That’s definitely what Weightless is about. I will!! 

2 years ago
17 August 2012 @ 8:34 PM
thereckless-and-thegay asked: "Sadly I've never met all time low :((( but they really really have changed my life"

you can submit a story on how they changed your life! I love those stories just as much. :)

2 years ago
9 August 2012 @ 3:55 PM

Okay so I don’t even know where to begin.Okay first off I won VIP backstage passes the night before my warped date and that just made me even more excited that I was already. But anyway when I got to warped I knew I had to get the poster so that I could enter the signing. So I ran like a mad man all around till I finally found the Kia tent. When I got there a man and a woman where handing them out and I shoved my way through the crowd of people around them and got one of the last ones. I was beyond lucky to have gotten one honestly but I basically had the whole morning to do whatever since the signing wasn’t till 3 and their set wasn’t till like 5 I think. So when it got to be around 2:45 I made my way to the Kia tent and got in the longest line ever and waited for about 30 to 45 minutes before the line actually started moving. So when I got to the front I went in my bag and grabbed the bracelets and the starbucks gift card I had. First was Jack he was giving everyone high fives and was smiling and asked how I was and me being really nervous said great and gave him the bracelet I made him but you could tell my voice was shaking really bad which made me really embarrassed. Next was Rian I handed him the Starbucks giftcard and bracelet and told him how i promised I would bring him one next time I saw him and he was like ‘OH! Thanks!’ and gave me a high five I wasn’t surprised he didn’t remember considering I told him that last year.Next was Alex, I was BEYOND nervous. I have the biggest crush on him so I was trying not to look nervous and when I got to him it felt hotter but I gave him his bracelet and he looked up at me and said thank you with the sweetest smile and after he signed my poster I said ‘thanks babe’ just to joke around and he smiled at me and laughed and after he laughed he looked at Zack and looked at me again and smiled once again making my heart skip a beat.It was priceless. Next was Zack, he signed my poster and I gave him the bracelet and he smiled and said thank you and I said ’ no thank you!’ and then walked away. I kinda chilled around the Kia tent till the boys were done signing and then they left. So I did a few things with my friends and went backstage for PTV and got a drumstick from Mike!But thats a whole different story.Then it was time for ATL’s set so I went backstage and actually got a pic with Rian when they were setting up and then I saw Alex and Tay holding hands while walking up to the tents in the back behind the stage and it was the cutest thing ever! So heres the thing with backstage. You have to be a ‘special guest’ to get back or you need to be chosen by some security guard. So after the boys went up on stage a man from the back came and told the security guard 8 people meaning only 8 people could be chosen to go back. So I ran up first and he chose me (THANK GOD) and I was kind of positioned to the right of Rian if you were facing the crowd. ATL DID AMAZING LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO. I felt as if I was the only one dancing backstage but I didn’t mind. I was super stoked when they played TRATB and was practically the only one backstage singing it (which made me feel good cause I felt I knew more lol) but anyway between songs Zack turned around and looked at me so I waved at him and smiled and then he waved back and smiled :3 At the end of weightless Rian on accident let go of his drumstick and it flew backwards landing in front of me! So I grabbed it as fast as I could and held on to it as tight as I could. When I looked at Rian he turned around and mouthed out the words ’ are you okay?’ i nodded to him and smiled and gave a thumbs up ensuring him I was fine which was really sweet that he wanted to make sure I was okay. So another thing about backstage is that you have to leave a song early so that the band can come off right when their set is done. When I was walking past Matt Flyzik some girl behind me pushed me right into him and I said I was sorry and I also said ‘i love you!’ but I guess he was in a bad mood cause he shook his head and pushed me away -.- (bitch, but i still love him) So after their set was done the boys came off and Alex stopped and took pictures with people and when he got to me we took our pic and then I looked up at him and said ’ I love you!’ and then he looked at me with the sweetest smile and said ’ I love you!…NO..I LOVE YOU’ which put the biggest smile on my face ever <3 So I then waited for the band to cool off a bit before I asked for pics because they looked exhausted. So after they cooled off Jack walked up to me and I asked for a picture and then asked for him to sign my wristband. But I guess Zack ran away or something cause he wasn’t there so I didn’t get a picture with him :/ So I wandered around with my friend Karo where the tour buses where for a bit and then decided to go see WATIC so we went backstage and unfortunately we were not chosen :/ so we hung around where the tents were. They did amazing though! and I loved that I heard Kiss Me Again live <3 So when Alex was walking off stage from singing kiss me again he saw me and stopped cause he saw I was waiting for him to sign something and he signed my wristband. But when he went to sign my wristband it was kind of odd. He held my hand and looked as if he was studying my hand for a good 10 seconds before he signed it. But after he did he looked at me and smiled and said ’ thanks sweetie!’ and walked away. I DIED. I turned to my friend Karo and started fangirling over the fact he said that to me and when I was fangirling she showed me her camera and she took a pic of him signing my wristband HOLDING MY HAND. So I was super stoked that I met him 3 times in one day.I will never forget that moment. It for sure beat all the other times that I have seen ATL. But one thing still confuses me…why did he say thank you to me? I should be the one thanking him cause hes saved my life.

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2 years ago
8 August 2012 @ 8:23 PM

So I couldn’t believe it when I managed to get m&g from THC. I cried, yes I cried like a baby. It was around a week before the actual gig when I found out so I’ll skip up to the day…

So on the day I decided I would go into Newcastle quite early just so I could hang with some friends because I knew I wouldn’t be able to find them inside with getting EE with the m&g. I think I got to the venue at around 11am. But anyway I just spent some time with my friends until they split the queue and I went into the m&g queue, I was shaking and still to this day I’m not sure if I was shaking because it was so cold, because I was excited or because I was nervous. Maybe a mix of all three. I found my friend who had came from Berwick and also had m&g and we stood in the queue together, I’m glad she was with me otherwise I probably wouldn’t have said anything to the guys because I’m so shy.

We waited around 20 minutes and then a guy came out to get us (it wasn’t Matt). When it was my turn to tell him my name he couldn’t understand me, it was so funny, everyone around us were like “she said her name’s JODIE!” the guy was just laughing and said “god it’s you northerners, I can’t understand you” eventually he clicked on that my name was Jodie and let me in. By this time I was super nervous. We had to queue on some stairs and then Matt took us into the actual venue. He gave his do’s & don’ts speech and then… They came in… I can still remember when they came into the room, a few people squeaked and squealed which I don’t understand but hey ho… Alex took these massive steps and yeah it was funny.

We decided to go to Alex first because I had something to give him… Basically on twitter a few months before the m&g I tweeted him saying “boiled potato, mashed potato or roasted potato?” And I really didn’t expect him to reply but he did… He said “Sweet Potato!”… Then I had this crazy idea to give him a sweet potato, and of course the people of twitter egged me on to do it so I had to… Getting back to the m&g… So we walked over to him and there was a few people talking to him and then it was our turn, my friend said hi and he remembered her because she had been to the Glasgow m&g too, then she said “my friend has something to give you and she’s been nervous about it all day” then he looked at me and I just wanted to die right there… So I got this sweet potato out of my bag and I could see him smirking as I was taking it out, then I gave it to him. I told him to read the tag (I had wrote the tweets on it) and he did. He started laughing and was just like “damn! you really gave me a sweet potato!” then he ran over to Colussy and was like “Colussy! I got a sweet potato!” Colussy’s exact reply was “you got a sweet potato… o.O” he was laughing too. Then Alex came back and myself and my friend got photos. He then went over to Rian and I swear he said “I just got a potato” or something and they were laughing. I’m so glad he found it funny otherwise it would have been a disaster. So then we went over to Jack, and weirdly I was the most nervous to meet Jack, I guess you could say he’s my favourite but I don’t really like saying that because well they’re all great… He spoke to my friend about mini eggs and shot glasses and I was just kinda smiling, but when we went over he turned to me and was like “HII!” and I awkwardly just replied with “hiii”. My friend got her photo then I got mine and asked for a hug, his hugs are the best! Then for some reason we thought the photo didn’t work so I asked for another one and he was totally fine with that, but it actually turns out both photos worked so yeaaah. Then we went over to Rian, he is so lovely! When it was my turn to get a photo with him my camera messed up which was a bit awkward but we got it to work and then my friend took a photo but it blurred so I was just stood there with my arm around Rian Dawson for a good couple of minutes while we took another photo… When I let go of him I got caught on his jacket, which was funny. Then we went to Zack, he was talking to one girl and then she left and we stood with him for a lil while and he explained to my friend that he had been drinking the Jack Daniels she had bought them on stage and she didn’t even realise! Zack is so lovely, and I’ve heard people say he doesn’t really talk much but he was so chatty this day! We got our photos and said goodbye. My friend had balcony seats so I said goodbye to her and then went to the barrier, I was just a little to the right of Alex. When I went up the barrier the girl I stood next to said “I’m saving this place for my friend” so I moved along a little bit and Evan was stood next to me… Evan Kirkendall! He turned to me and said “sorry I’m saving this space for my friends!” and spread his arms out over the barrier, I just looked at him and started laughing and he smiled. The gig was amazing. I managed to get We Are The In Crowd’s setlist and The Maine’s setlist so I was ecstatic! When the gig ended I was determined to get ATL’s setlist, I shouted of Evan but he didn’t hear me :( But then a guy walked along the front of the barrier and I shouted “excuse me! Could I have that setlist please” and he nodded and turned to the stage to get Zack’s setlist, asdfghjkl then he turned to me and as he was going to give it to me another girl put her hand onto it and he looked at me and he probably could see that I was like “D:” so he said “sorry she asked for it” then gave me it, I was so grateful! omg. I did hear the other girl say “ehh what the hell!” But I did ask for it so sorry other girl… Basically it was perfect, the whole day was perfect. Apart from the fact my lips look blue in my photos because I was so cold everything else was amazing and perfect and I wan’t to relive it. Sorry this is so long! But props to you if you read it all!

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2 years ago
8 August 2012 @ 8:15 PM

I met and saw them on July 26 at Warped. I was close to the front at the signing, so when the boys got there Jack smiled at me for 2 seconds and then when I got up there he said hey and smiled really big, shook my hand, and signed my paper. Then I gave him my note and he smiled and said thanks. Then Rian waved at me and signed the paper. Alex signed. Then Zack signed and smiled really big. I told all of them thank you and left. A couple of hours later was the ATL show and I was close to barricade but not quite, and I was behind really tall people and I could barely see so I asked this guy if I could sit on his shoulders and he said yeah. Then during Weightless I was kind of dancing while on his shoulders and I looked up at Jack, and he smiled at me and pointed. The rest of the show was great, too. Needless to say, my first ATL show was great.

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2 years ago